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In the month where we celebrate all things love and romance on Valentine’s Day, we share the top five reasons why our customers love their Stiltz Home Elevator!

Some Stiltz customers describe their home elevator as ‘life changing’. They simply love what their residential elevator has brought to the day-to-day living in their home. Typically, once installed an elevator becomes an invaluable feature within the home. Transforming the way in which homeowners can easily move between the floors of their home, a Stiltz provides a sense of independence where previously there was none. It also enables the user to travel simply and safely from upstairs to downstairs quickly as a Stiltz home lift takes just a few seconds to move between floors – and makes it so much easier to move laundry from one room to another. Once a customer has a home lift they soon get to wonder how they managed without one!

Modern home elevators are available in such appealing designs nowadays, that most homeowners tend to have them on display, in the main living room in the corner of a room or in a central space. That said, a residential elevator can also be installed so it blends in with a specific theme or scheme, and most can be fully customized to suit those requirements. The opportunity to blend with surroundings and sit stylishly in its chosen location is one of the main reasons our customers love their lifts. As one Pennsylvania Stiltz customer said: “The best thing about a Stiltz Home Elevator is the way it sits nicely into our décor.” Other customers prefer to have their elevators tucked away to maximize discretion. The range of Stiltz Duo Home Elevators have one of the smallest footprints of any elevator available and can be installed in an area roughly the size of an airing cupboard, making it easy for customers with even relatively small homes to find a suitable space to locate their new lift.

Operated by a simple push button, it could not be easier to use a Stiltz home elevator. As one Stiltz customer, based in Florida, said: “You just get in, flick the button and you go up or down and to me that is just ease of use”. With options available for wheelchair users, such as the Stiltz Trio Home Elevator series, as well as individual use, all our elevators operate with the same simple one button approach.

It might be thought that this kind of life ‘life-changing’ product requires a mammoth effort to have put in the home. Typically installed in less than a day, Stiltz home elevators are built in module sections so the unit is easily transportable. All it requires is a plug socket nearby for power and a home lift can be installed in almost any location in the home, whether it is that disused cupboard space, void of a stairwell, garage or a  standard hallway to a landing location, main living area up to master bedroom and many more. Many customers are pleasantly surprised to find they actually have an ideal location for their new lift and installation is more straightforward than they thought possible.

The other options for travel between floors, such as stair lifts will tend to make more noise due to their system of operation and the need to move along a track on the stairs. Conventional style hydraulic-based home elevators can be even noisier. Home lifts by Stiltz are far quieter as they do not use any hydraulics and are powered by an intelligent electric motor that plugs straight into a normal power socket like any other household appliance. Noise limitation has formed an important part of the process of designing the optimum residential elevator solution which Stiltz are proud to have installed in homes across the USA and beyond. So why wait? This time next year, even more homeowners will have fallen in love with their Stiltz Home Elevator!

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