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Duo Classic Elevator Lift Case Study, PA, USA

Mr and Mrs Lavdar wanted to find a way to stay in their own home. With age creeping up and knees and legs not what they once were, they were looking for a mobility solution which could change their lives. After some research and discounting an unattractive stair lift, the Lavdars decided on a Stiltz Duo Classic. This is their story.

The Lavdars wanted to find a home elevator solution that would allow them the freedom to move around their own home in Nazareth, Pennsylvania and make their house more adaptable to their age and needs.

They had immediately discounted a stair lift as they knew they would not like the way it looked in their home. They thought that a conventional residential elevator would be outside of their price range. The couple did their background research and came across Stiltz home elevators. Delighted with their final decision, they found the installation process easy too.

Mrs Lavdar said: “It was very simple and required very little preparation. Our electrician was able to incorporate the electrical needs without any issues and the installation was a day and a half. It was not only easy, but also intriguing. We were amazed at how everything came together. They were exceptional. They were not going to leave until they made sure it was as quiet and smooth as it could possibly be. We were very impressed with the installation.”

This is because, unlike an old-fashioned stair lift, Stiltz residential elevators do not require a supporting wall and have a self-supporting structure with two parallel and vertical guides bearing the load of the lift. The elevator plugs straight into a domestic power socket and, thanks, to its compact footprint the Lavdars could have the home elevator installed exactly where they wanted it in the home.

The whole family are delighted with the end result and say it has made a huge difference to all of their lives. Mrs Lavdar said: “We love it. We use it multiple times every day. Friends of ours who visit with us are amazed at how quiet it is, how simple it is to operate and how unobtrusive it is. When you tell people you have an elevator they visualize it being a large commercial elevator, and then they see how compact and unique it is.

“It’s also so easy to use. If you can push and hold a button, you can use it. Even my 90-year-old mother can use it. It’s also nice having the remote controls, because if one person has gone up in the lift and you are waiting downstairs to travel up, you can just use the remote to call the lift back down.”

The Stiltz Duo Classic Home Elevator can carry two people up to one floor in less than 30 seconds. Its contemporary, semi-transparent, design looks great and it includes many features as standard with additional options available.

Mrs Lavdar explained: “Our favorite thing about our Stiltz Lift is that after a while you don’t even know it’s there. It becomes part of the home and everyone who comes in is initially intrigued and want to try it, but then they forget it’s here.

“We would definitely recommend anyone to invest in a Stiltz Duo Classic. There’s no looking back for us now. We use the lift all the time. At Christmas, we even used it to transport all of our family’s gifts downstairs to put under the tree. We couldn’t live without it now!”

WATCH our video interview or read the transcript with Mr and Mrs Lavdar here.

It’s so easy to use. If you can push and hold a button, you can use it. Even my 90-year-old mother can use it.

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