COVID 19 Statement

These are exceptional times. With Coronavirus – COVID-19 - we all face an unprecedented global challenge. The Stiltz Group continue to review activities on a daily basis to ensure we comply with safety directives at all times. At the same time, we look to balance this with providing the expected levels of service and support to our customers while being mindful of minimising risk for all concerned.

We are acutely aware that our customers tend to fall into higher risk categories, whether due to age, or as a result of pre-existing medical conditions. Therefore it is all the more important for our current and future customers to maintain their safety and independence at home with the help of their homelifts; this contributes towards the current policy of social distancing, especially important for seniors and those with compromised immune systems. Reduction of accidents within the home at this time will also help minimize the burden on the increasingly stressed healthcare system.

We are keen to ensure those who need new homelifts installed and those who require their lifts to be serviced, can expect these activities to take place without fear of risk to their health. There are multiple online resources that will guide you to assist in providing a safe workplace for your employees and help protect the customers whose home you visit. Two we would recommend are:

CDC - click here to visit
OSHA - click here to visit

We are in this together and are standing by to offer you as much support as possible during this challenging time. If you have any questions, concerns or doubts about anything, please contact your territory manager or the technical services team and we will do our best to assist.


Mark Blomfield



What is a Stiltz Home Elevator?

Stiltz Home Elevators offers homeowners a simple and easy way of moving between floors in a two-story property. The lifts are non-hydraulic cable elevators and offer an alternative solution to a stair lift or hydraulic elevator when the stairs become challenging. The range of Stiltz home elevators available provide the benefit of choice while ‘future-proofing’ your home for use in later life.

Are there wheelchair-friendly Stiltz elevators available?

The simple answer is yes! As part of our extensive range of residential elevators we do offer wheelchair-friendly lifts too. Our Stiltz Trio Home Elevator has been designed spacious enough for a standard-sized wheelchair while maintaining compact compared to similar products. This style of Stiltz elevator is also ideal for users with a walker or rollator.

Why do homeowners choose a residential elevator?

Many homeowners choose an elevator for the home to help them stay in their home they love for many years to come when the stairs become more difficult in later life.

How much space does a Stiltz Home Elevator require?

The Stiltz Duo Home Elevator is one of the smallest residential lifts available on the market and has a footprint of just 7 sq. ft.

Where do you install a Stiltz Home Elevator?

The beauty of the Stiltz Elevator is that it can be installed in almost any place in a two-story American home. Typically, the lift will be installed in a hallway or family room in the downstairs of the property either in the corner or middle of a room with it travelling up to a bedroom or landing, however, it can also be fitted in the turn of a staircase, a garage space or even a closet.

How are Stiltz residential elevators powered?

Our range of Stiltz elevators are powered by a winding drum system which is neatly self-contained within the top of the lift itself. The mechanics are all in one place and hidden from view. As with any major appliance, our elevators run on a standard dedicated 220 volt 15 amp wall outlet. To find out more information about the different home elevators, please read our Definitive Residential Elevator Guide for Consumers.

How is the Stiltz Elevator operated?

With every order, Stiltz includes two standard remote controls so the user can call the elevator from any floor, at any time.

Do Stiltz elevators require supporting walls?

No. Using the latest technology, Stiltz elevators are freestanding and travel through the floor on unique self-supporting rails or stilts which means no supporting walls or extensive building work is necessary


What happens if there is a power outage?

If there is a power outage while the user is in the elevator there is no need to worry because all Stiltz products are equipped with a battery back-up. This means that when the power fails for any reason the lift will glide gently to the lower level enabling the user to exit the elevator until the power returns. To find out more information about what happens if there is a power outage please click on the link.

How noisy is a Stiltz elevator?

Not very! Because our lifts are not powered by hydraulics, which are typically quite noisy, Stiltz home elevators are very quiet and, in fact, also quieter than many stair lifts.  

How much building work is involved?

There is very little construction work involved for a standard home elevator installation. Once it has been decided where the lift is going to be installed, all that is then required is for the appropriate hole to be made in the ceiling for the lift to pass through between floors. This work can be carried out by a professional contractor of choice by the customer or it can be taken care of by one of Stiltz Home Elevators Authorized Dealers.

How long does it take to install?

Our lifts are only installed by an Authorized Stiltz Dealer. Once the hole in the ceiling has been prepared for the elevator, a standard installation will usually take one to two days. For more information about what is involved when installing a residential elevator please click on the link.

What is the lead time for Stiltz products?

Typically, it takes between six and eight weeks for the Stiltz elevator to be installed from the date of the order. 

What happens if I do not require my Stiltz home elevator in the future?

A Stiltz home elevator is simple to remove and you can take it with you if you decide to move house. It is very straightforward to reverse the aperture opening and seal it and your home will look as if the elevator was never there. You may, however, decide to keep the elevator in position as a domestic elevator can add value to your property. It therefore can be an attractive asset when selling your home.

What compliance or standard code does the Stiltz home elevator comply with?

All Stiltz home elevators fully comply with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This compliance allows all Stiltz home elevators to have a CE mark, allowing the products to be legally sold throughout Europe.

How safe are Stiltz elevators?

We take great pride in the fact that Stiltz home elevators are extremely safe. All our products include height, weight and out of balance sensors, as well as an emergency stop button. There is also a fall arrest mechanism in place, a key switch which allows users to turn the elevator off for safety reasons, and a lid which fills the hole when the elevator is in a downstairs position. To find our more information about how safe Stiltz elevators are please click on the link.

Does Stiltz include a door with their residential elevators?

Yes. We include a half or full height door as standard with every order. This provides the user with a physical barrier when the lift is in operation. The door locks will release when the elevator arrives safely at the floor of choice. 

What is the Stiltz Home Elevator's load capacity?

Stiltz Duo home elevators have a maximum load capacity of 375 lbs. Stiltz Trio home elevators have a maximum load capacity of 485 lbs — except the Trio Alta, which carries up to 550 lbs and is suitable for a wheelchair. Each model is fitted with overload safety sensors that prevent the lift from leaving a landing if overloaded.

Does the elevator include lights inside of it?

The simple answer is yes. All Stiltz home elevators feature LED lights at the top and bottom of the car for ease of use at night.

How 'green' are Stiltz Home Elevators?

At Stiltz, we have manufactured some of the most space-efficient elevators for domestic use in the world. This means that significantly less materials are used in the making of our products than traditional elevators. It also means that, in most cases, no remodelling of a house needs to be carried out - saving a lot of materials. Our products are very low on power consumption and very economical; they can run straight off a 220v outlet or a 110v outlet with step-up transformer. To find our more information about how 'green' our elevators are please click on the Green America Seal link - an accreditation we earned in December 2017. 

How frequently does a Stiltz elevator need a service?

We recommend that a Stiltz home elevator should be serviced once a year in order that it remains functioning properly and that all safety features are working correctly.

What is the warranty on a Stiltz residential elevator?

Every Stiltz home elevator includes a 24-month parts warranty.

How much does a Stiltz Home Elevator cost?

The cost of a Stiltz Home Elevator varies depending on the application. An accurate quote can be given following an initial site survey, offered free-of-charge by our authorized dealers throughout the country. For more information about home elevator costs and what to be weary of, especially with online elevator prices, please click on the link.

How do I contact Stiltz Home Elevators?

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