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Today is this year’s Earth Day. A day for the planet to take center stage and an indication to all of us to be more mindful of its longevity and health. Should further encouragement be necessary, given the ever-increasing focus on our changing planet and its weather systems for example, this April 22 is an opportunity for us all to reflect on sustainable practices. It is also a chance to look at our own environmental impact and, that of the choices we make in our day to day lives.

The Earth Day initiative was launched in 1970 and it mobilized millions of Americans from all walks of life to birth the modern environmental movement. Now for more than 50 years, Earth Day has continued to activate billions or people across 192 countries to come together with a common goal; to safeguard our planet and strive for a brighter future.

As we mark Earth Day 2024, at Stiltz Home Elevators, we thought this would be a great time for us to explore residential elevators as a product choice. You may not have considered it, but in fact, as well as their contribution to transforming people’s freedom and independence at home, these vertical marvels can also contribute to a more sustainable future. Home lifts simply by their function can enhance modern living in three main areas:


Removing any barriers of age or mobility, installing a residential elevator can ensure that everyone has equal access to every area of the home. However, over recent years, given the progress made in product design and choices, elevators for the home need no longer be exclusively for the wealthy, or for those who have a physical need, but instead they have become an integral part of contemporary living.

Optimizing Space

Global population explosion means that urban spaces are in high demand. Contemporary home elevators, with their minimal footprint, require less space than additional staircases, such that the homeowner can maximize the available usable space in their residence, be that an urban townhouse or a suburban duplex.

Energy Efficiency

Using less energy than ever before thanks to cutting edge technologies, modern home elevators are an efficient and practical feature of a contemporary home, offering an excellent upgrade against older options or those that consume more energy or offer less safety. Once installed, a home lift uses a standard socket using no more energy than a regular domestic appliance.

Planet Friendly Parts

Home elevator manufacturers around the globe need to ensure that sustainable materials and eco-friendly design are fundamentally important guiding criteria. From incorporating the use of recycled steel to the selection of low VOC Paints, many of the constituent parts of the sleek, stylish elevators adorning modern homes are selected with reducing their environmental footprint in mind.

Sustainable Maintenance

Ensuring a program of regular maintenance is adhered to is another way of ensuring maximum efficiency for any elevator, home or commercial. On top of this there is of course the contribution made by the increased use of more eco-friendly products in servicing the elevators themselves and energy efficient component parts. All Stiltz home elevators, for example, have a recommended annual service program to ensure that energy efficiency and reliability are maintained on an ongoing basis.

In marking Earth Day 2024, here at Stiltz we would like to recognise the efforts of all manufacturers of home elevators around the globe to ensure that responsible manufacturing practices are the way forward. Contemporary home elevators are a success story of innovative progress, sustainability and a commitment to the long-term health of our planet.

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