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Owning a home has always been a huge part of the American Dream.

Achieving that dream means creating a place of sanctuary and security as well as shelter. What that house looks like and how it functions is changing to accommodate how families envisage the look of their future.

Here we explore how the future of home renovating could look from sustainable and customized features, to color and nature that enhances wellbeing, all the way to ageing in place with a stylish home elevator.

Sustainable and Customized Features

There is a growing trend in homeowners for renovations to use green building techniques and methods which address climate change and green energy.

A low-carbon lifestyle can be beautiful and appealing. Building with wood for example is seen as a truly renewable material with no embodied energy.

Innovative technologies such as computer-aided design, 3D exploration software, nanotechnology, panelized and engineered building materials, and other emerging methods are making it easier to create a formula which can be customized to suit local climate, demographics, and homeowner preferences. Examples might be a front porch in the south, super insulation in the northeast, or extensive overhangs in the southwest.

Future Wellbeing

Good design supports our wellbeing, which is why it’s critical to choose fixtures and fittings that deliver on function and form. If our home looks great, we feel better. The more functional it is, the easier life is for everyone.

Plants have been shown to reduce stress in homes, and incorporating natural elements into home design allows homeowners to connect with nature on a physical and emotional level, improving overall health and happiness.

Color therapy is ideal for creating a holistic interior design that speaks to wellbeing. Neutral tones and pastel colors create a sense of peace and calm, whilst more vibrant colors, perhaps in dining spaces, call for conversation and good, uplifting energy.

Ageing in Place

At Stiltz Home Elevators, customers often describe how their lives feel transformed after the installation of a residential elevator into their homes.

Many are future-proofing ahead of their plans to ‘age in place’. Homeowners have chosen to protect their forever homes in a practical and beautiful way, by choosing a home lift which blends seamlessly and elegantly into their décor but gives them 24/7 access to all areas, forever.

One customer, Mrs Ricker, had knee problems. Her husband told us: “We moved into the home about eight months ago, and it was important to us for this to be a long-term home and to ensure mobility through the years. Our home has several floors with a significant number of stairs, so we wanted to make sure it was easy to go up and down. Particularly in my wife’s case, to maintain that was very important to us.”

Similarly, Mrs Lavdar described her experience saying: “Our favorite thing about our Stiltz Home Elevator is that after a while you don’t even know it’s there. It becomes part of the home and everyone who comes in is initially intrigued and want to try it, but then they forget it’s here. We would definitely recommend anyone to invest in a Stiltz Duo Elevator. There’s no looking back for us now. We use the lift all the time. At Christmas, we even used it to transport all our family’s gifts downstairs to put under the tree.”

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