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Retiring is a major life transition. It is a time to reflect, take stock and decide what you want to do with the rest of your life. This is your time to do the things you enjoy and make the most out of your home.

Summer is the best time to do this as the long, light days and warm weather make the transition easier so that you can make the most out of your newly acquired free time that you have worked decades to achieve.

Here are some compelling reasons why summer is the best time of the year to make the most out of starting your retirement:

1. Pleasant Weather

Summer weather is generally warm, dry, and sunny. Pleasant weather makes outdoor activities more enjoyable. Retirees can take advantage of the long days to spend time in nature, taking in long walks with a picnic, or tidying up the garden or yard.

Pleasant weather is also great for engaging in outdoor sports; encouraging you to rediscover a love of tennis or golf, for example.

Good weather makes everything more enjoyable and puts a spring in your step as you stride into a new chapter of your life.

2. Abundance of Activities

The summer season is packed with events, festivals, and activities in the community.

With your newfound freedom, you can make the most of these happenings, cultural events, and social gatherings.

Consider joining a committee or volunteering to help. This can help to build new social networks and keep you active.

Loneliness and isolation are the biggest threats to your wellbeing upon retirement. However, social connections and engaging with activities that you enjoy are great for improving your health and wellbeing.

3. Perfect Time for Travel

Summer is a great time to travel, so that you can see all those far-flung destinations that are on your tick list.

So put pen to paper and make your list. Most destinations are at their peak in terms of accessibility and activities over the summer season. Consider trips to national parks and beaches to take advantage of the good weather.

There might also be concerts or events that you would love to see. A bit of research can help you to make the most of what is available.

4. Gardening and Home Projects

Gardening and DIY often take a back step when we are working full time. As you retire, it is a great time to prioritise gardening and other home improvement projects that you have been putting off for years.

Summer provides the perfect conditions for rethinking how you will use your home and make the most out of the space. Early retirement is a great time to future-proof your home, removing trip hazards, clearing walkways, and adding handrails or extra lighting.

This is a great time to think about your needs now and in the future. Consider ramps and step free walkways, a home elevator can be a great addition to future-proof your home.

A well-designed home means that you can cultivate a garden, take on DIY projects, or simply enjoy relaxing in a well-maintained yard without risk of trips or falls.

5. Health and Wellness

Whether it is walking, biking, swimming, or playing golf – the summer months encourage you to get outside and engage in physical activity.

Regular exercise is crucial for maintaining good health in retirement, and the pleasant weather makes it easier to stay active, plus you will be getting in those vitamin D rays!

Sunshine is also hugely beneficial to our overall health and happiness as it triggers the production of serotonin and Vitamin D. This is a great time of year to retire as many establishments allow you to sit outside, you might walk more than you drive, and you will get the BBQ out for a social gathering!

6. Time with Family

Retirement gives you the time to spend quality time with your family.

The summer season coincides with the school holidays, helping you to make the most out of seeing your grandchildren. Everyone is more sociable in the summertime as the good weather opens up the great outdoors and you can look forward to walks, picnics, lunches out and other lovely sociable events.

Retirement can be particularly rewarding when you use the time to maintain strong family bonds.

7. Seasonal Produce

Having more free time means that you can take the time to make all those recipes that you would like to try or perfect.

Summer is a great time to try new recipes as the season offers a bounty of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, promoting a healthy diet.

You can enjoy seasonal produce, whether grown in your own garden or from local farmers’ markets, contributing to better nutrition.

8. Smooth Transition

Many businesses and organizations experience a slower pace in the summer, which can make the transition to retirement smoother.

You can wrap up projects and responsibilities, have your exit interview and even plan a vacation, leaving everything in hand with colleagues, without the pressure of the busier times of the year.

The balmy summer months will help you to move you mind away from ‘work mode’ and into retirement gently.

9. Mental Well-Being

Longer daylight hours and sunshine can have a positive effect on mental health, by boosting your mood and sense of happiness.

Exposure to natural light increases vitamin D levels and can help combat feelings of depression and anxiety, which can sometimes accompany major life changes like retirement.

10. Opportunity for Reflection and Planning

The relaxed pace of summer gives you the time that you need to reflect on your career and plan your next steps. Whether it is taking up new hobbies, volunteering, or starting a new venture, summer provides the mental space to envision and start living this new chapter.

In summary, retiring in summer provides a seamless blend of good weather, abundant activities, health benefits, and social opportunities, making it an optimal time to begin this new phase of life.

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