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If you are thinking of buying a Stiltz Home Elevator but are still not quite sure what to expect if you make the decision to go ahead then do not worry. Here we run through the first part of the purchasing process to help you make up your mind.

The first stage is a visit by an Authorized Stiltz Dealer who will discuss your particular needs and some potential locations for the residential elevator.  If you are looking to take up as little space as possible the Duo Home Elevator may be the best solution.

At just seven square feet, this small elevator lift can fit into most homes and in a variety of places.  If you want to take a walker into the lift, or are looking for a wheelchair lift, the Stiltz Trio Home Elevator may be the better option.

Even the Trio has a relatively compact footprint at just 13 square feet, so whichever you choose you will be taking up less space than with a traditional hydraulic residential elevator. Stiltz elevator lifts do not require a separate machine room so you get to keep even more of your home the way it is.

You may have some ideas of where you want your Stiltz Home Elevator to go and there is a good chance that the dealer can make that happen.  But they may also recommend some other locations which could work equally well or even better.

It is a collaborative process so your dealer will always try and accommodate your preferences while making the installation as attractive and cost effective as possible.  The dealer will have a full size template of the Stiltz residential elevator so you can see exactly how much space it will take up.  And if the template fits into a space, so will the home elevator!

At Stiltz, our residential elevators come in three styles; Classic, Vista and Thru Car.  The Classic versions have a solid, carpeted interior.  The Duo Vista is clear all round and the Trio Vista home elevator has a clear back.  The Thru option allows you to enter on one side and out of the other, particularly useful if it is being placed against a wall up to a landing or in a three-stop situation in a split ranch home (13’ 1” maximum travel).

Your Authorized Stiltz Dealer will make sure you choose the correct lift for your particular home, needs and budget.  Because our home elevators take up so little space compared to traditional residential elevators and do not require a structural wall you can be certain of finding many more potential locations than with other products.

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