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Celebrating what Older People Bring to Society on National Senior Citizens Day.

It is now the right time to celebrate the importance and contribution older people bring to society. Many are the anchor of tradition in the family, the source of wisdom younger people look to for guidance and purpose.

Senior citizens in the US are keen to ‘pay it forward’. More than 4.5 million of them are involved as volunteers in projects which benefit a multitude of causes. They have accumulated years of knowledge and experience and are keen to pass this on where possible.

With older adults set to outnumber children for the first time by 2034, this cohort are going to play a significant role in continuing to shape our society. Seniors are now choosing to work into what were traditionally retirement years either in their existing job roles or in a ‘second career’. They are living longer, healthier lives with improved housing and healthcare available.

On National Senior Citizens Day, Stiltz Homelifts are proud to support the mobility needs of America’s older population. When the time comes, our range of residential elevators will help seniors to age in place, making moving between the floors in their home effortlessly smooth and simple.

National Senior Citizens’ Day 21 August 2022.

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