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There is a good reason why stairlifts are called just that, it is the one and only place they can be used. Placing a piece of machinery on the stairs is a big reason why people delay and put off installing a stairlift.

It can ruin the appearance of what is often the focal point of the home and first place your guests will see as they enter your home. But there are other good reasons for buying a product that does not need to go on your stairs.

One practical concern people have is that a stairlift will block the staircase and make it impassable for other users.  That is not likely unless you have a particularly bulky unit or very narrow stairs. You will always be able to walk up and down a staircase with a stairlift on it.

However, it does reduce the usable width and the track will extend beyond the bottom step presenting a potential tripping hazard.  Hinged rails are available that get the track out of the way but are generally only used if the rail is blocking a doorway as they cost more than a standard track.

But who said that the stairs are always the most convenient place to access upstairs anyway?  A more direct route is often straight up through the ceiling and floor between two rooms you use the most.

One of the main reasons for installing a home elevator is convenience so why not make it as convenient as possible?  With an elevator lift, such as the range of residential elevators we offer here at Stiltz, you can have the home elevator fitted between your study and bedroom, a downstairs closet and the upstairs landing or the family room to the landing.  It is largely up to you.

A stairlift already dictates where it goes but, with the type of home elevator we offer, you choose its location, not the product. This is made possible because the elevator lift is compact and does not need a structural wall.

There are always homes that present some challenges and throw us curve balls in terms of quirky design, but generally most houses will have a number of different locations where our residential elevator can be installed.

Home elevators offer many other benefits compared to a stairlift too and we also have designed a wheelchair lift which is big enough to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair.

As we say at Stiltz, our home elevator is easy to fit and fits in easily!

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