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Many people who work for Stiltz used to work in the stairlift industry so we have seen the many lives improved as a result of them being installed in homes.

But we were also conscious of the resistance almost every user had to putting a stairlift in their home. Nobody ever bought our products because they wanted a stairlift in the house they loved.

Why? Because of how they made them feel and how they made their home look. Putting in a stairlift meant they could now get up the stairs safely but on ‘that thing that old people use – and I’m not old!’ And therein is one of the biggest reasons why people are increasingly moving to towards Stiltz home elevators.

When a homeowner installs a stairlift it is another way of facing up to the fact that they are not as fit and able as they once were. And nobody wants a constant reminder of that fact on the stairs which are usually a focal point of the home.

The stairs are often the first thing the user and guests see when they enter a home. This stigma can have serious implications because most people decide to hold off installing a stairlift until they absolutely cannot live without it. Therefore, sometimes it is installed too late or not at all.

In our stairlift days we saw countless numbers of stairlifts sold to people after they had fallen down the stairs. Sometimes the falls can require long-term care in a nursing facility and sadly, some are not even that lucky. Thankfully people are getting much more proactive about ‘aging in place’ and preparing their home to be more convenient and safer to use as they get older.

Because a Stiltz lift is a residential elevator rather than stairlift it carries none of the stigma and associations that people see with a stairlift. Everyone uses elevators in their lives.

We think having an elevator in the home is cool, the polar opposite of a stairlift.  And many of the seniors carrying out adaptations to their homes grew up in the 50’s and 60’s – this was the rock and roll generation!

They are quite happy to have an elevator in the home and show it off to their friends.  And although the elevator lift might not be a necessity for them yet, it is adding convenience and enjoyment.

Most importantly putting a home elevator in is adding safety and potentially preventing a fall down the stairs from ever happening.  Having an elevator lift installed is also a massive benefit for elderly friends and relatives who might also live in the home or visit often.

As we say at Stiltz: ‘Why have a stairlift when you can have a REAL lift?’

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