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There can be no doubt that anything which makes getting upstairs and downstairs safer and easier should be encouraged.

A stair lift will certainly do this and has been the product of choice for many people for decades but it still has many drawbacks.

Firstly, a stair lift can only be used on the stairs and the user is still in the ‘danger zone’ so to speak.

Every stair lift should have a seat belt to prevent falls, however, unless you can be sure you or your loved one will be 100 percent diligent in using one and making sure it is always securely fastened, there is always a risk there might be a fall.

Secondly, the user needs to get on and off the chair at the top of the stairs.  There are powered seat swivel features available at an additional cost – usually several hundred dollars – that make turning the chair to face the top landing easier.

But getting up from a sitting position can be difficult for many due to weak arms, wrists or knees. Add in any balance issues and you end up with a potentially difficult maneuver in a very dangerous place.

Thirdly, stair lifts can get more challenging to use as time goes on for many people. The apparently simple task of getting into the chair and getting off at the top can become hard as the user gets less mobile and less strong.

But here at Stiltz, we offer an alternative solution to a stair lift – a residential elevator that is specifically designed to fit in your home. Unlike a stairlift, which can only be installed on the stairs, the user decides where the Stiltz home elevator goes.

Unlike any other home elevator in the world, the range of elevator lifts by Stiltz can be installed almost anywhere in a two-story house. And the user just simply steps in, pushes the button and up you go!

The Stiltz residential elevator takes the stairs – and the danger – completely out of the equation. So why keep travelling up the stairs when there is no need to?  Travelling through the floor rather than up the stairs is quicker, more direct and ultimately far safer.

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