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When you are looking to adapt your home to suit your specific wheelchair access needs, a home elevator is a practical, discreet and stylish solution.

During the research process of the purchase of a home elevator there are obviously many factors to consider, such as the location of the elevator, the space inside that you may need, the weight you might need to accommodate, whether you will be using the lift on foot or in a wheelchair and how it will blend with the surroundings within your home.

For example, the Stiltz Trio wheelchair lift, looks great, fits in well with its compact footprint and is designed to comfortably accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair. It also offers a larger weight capacity and has a good amount of internal space for those who want to take a walker into the lift with them, rather than a wheelchair.

As a wheelchair elevator, the Stiltz Trio not only allows you to live independently at home but also has some useful features such as soft start/soft stop, almost silent travel – as it is powered by a quiet self-contained motor as opposed to noisy hydraulics and convenient LED lighting programmed to come on upon entry to the lift and remain on for the entire journey.

All Stiltz residential elevators travel on self-supporting twin rails so no supporting walls are required which means any approved Stiltz installer can install the lift almost anywhere in an American home.

The Stiltz Trio wheelchair lift also has the option of being a thru car, allowing you to enter at one side and leave at the other which avoids reversing your wheelchair backwards out of the lift each time.

A wheelchair lift takes one to two days to install and all Stiltz home elevators include safety options such as top and bottom safety pans, weight, speed and out of balance sensors. There is also an optional interior seat which allows users to sit when travelling and two remote control units to call the lift when required.

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