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The Stiltz Trio Home Elevator is a wheelchair lift where function and practicality meet style and cutting-edge design in equal measure.

If you have limited mobility or need help moving around your home, the Stiltz Trio comfortably accommodates a standard wheelchair and moves gracefully between floors in under 30 seconds, allowing you to access all areas of your home independently and unrestricted.

Revolutionizing the home mobility industry, the Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lift is also as stylish in design as it is practical. It has an ergonomic design with a soft white contemporary finish (although color options are available) and a complementary interior with atmospheric LED downlights. It is made to fit into your lifestyle and home furnishings; becoming an invaluable, but discreet, part of the family home.

When the lift is stationery upstairs it virtually ‘disappears’ leaving only two slim stilts remaining on the lower floor. When it is downstairs, a small section of upper level flooring, fixed to the lid of the lift, ensures that any flooring upstairs flows naturally.

In addition to its simplicity and style, the Stiltz Trio Home Elevator is a popular choice because it can be fully installed and functioning in one day, causing minimal disruption to the homeowner. Built and transported in modular sections, it can pass under all doorways and ceilings and thanks to its flexible design, it can be installed almost anywhere within the home. Popular installation combinations are main living space to upstairs bedroom, closet to closet or entrance hallway to landing area.

Once installed, the Trio wheelchair lift plugs straight into a standard dedicated 220v home outlet, just like any other major appliance. Its ‘easy-glide’ rails, built-in drive technology and electric motor ensure that, when in motion, it is almost silent.

The Stiltz Home Elevator can be used to transport heavy items such as luggage, laundry and even the grandchildren safely and efficiently between floors. There are three available models of the Stiltz Trio to suit all individual requirements: The Stiltz Trio Classic, the Stiltz Trio Vista and the Stiltz Trio Thru-Car.

The Classic is a larger and heavier weight load version of the Duo Classic, which accommodates a standard sized wheelchair and is ideal for anyone using a walker or rollator. The Vista offers the same features as the Classic but has a clear back made from structural polycarbonate at the back to give it a contemporary look and allow natural daylight to flood through. The Thru-Car is a firm favorite with Stiltz Trio customers as it is the only wheelchair elevator on the marketplace to have a double entry or thru car configuration.

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