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One of the biggest challenges when it comes to installing a residential elevator is location. A home elevator can require a sizeable sacrifice of space in order to install it in a shaft and it requires you to give up an equal amount of room upstairs and downstairs. And the challenge does not end there.

You may find the right space, but can you be certain it is in the right place?  Traditional-style home elevators require a supporting wall. This juggling act of finding a suitable spot can be frustrating, require significant compromise on the part of the homeowner and ultimately result in an expensive remodel.

Often the construction phase can take several weeks and easily double the cost of the residential elevator. Sometimes a decision is made to construct a shaft on the outside of the house, but this can spoil the exterior look of the home and will be even more expensive.

Many lifts also need a separate area to house the machinery or hydraulics so you end up sacrificing even more space.

However, the unique design of a Stiltz elevator lifts gives it some significant benefits over a traditional-style one. Firstly, it takes up very little room. The Stiltz Duo elevator lift requires less than seven square feet of space so, immediately, it gives you many more options in terms of where you can position it compared to traditional residential elevators.

Secondly, a Stiltz home elevator does not require a supporting wall.  The innovative dual rail system means it can be placed almost anywhere in the home as it supports its own weight. This combination of small size and self-supporting structure eliminates the ‘right space in the right place’ conundrum that homeowners often encounter with regular elevator lifts.

Finally, a home elevator by Stiltz does not require a separate machine room or pump like a hydraulic elevator. Everything is self-contained in the hoist that sits on top of the cab.

With less space to be sacrificed, more flexibility of positioning, less disruptive preparation work and a significantly lower overall project cost, anyone considering a traditional residential elevator should take a serious look at the great alternative that a Stiltz home elevator can offer them.

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