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It might be the day you felt some pain in your knee after a hard day’s work in the yard.  It could have been the day the vacuum cleaner felt heavier and more cumbersome than it usually did.  Or maybe it was the day you had a close call and almost slipped while coming down the stairs.

Perhaps you are just planning for the future.  There are many reasons that people decide they need a safer and more convenient way of getting up the stairs in their home and everyone has their own story regarding their motives and decision to find a solution.

Traditionally there have been two main solutions for access between floors in the home environment.  The simplest solution has been a stairlift.  They fix to the stairs and usually do a good job of moving you safely from one floor to the other.

If you care about nothing else but that one factor, a stairlift may well be the right product for you.  But there are a number of drawbacks to a stairlift on emotional, practical and financial levels.  Many of us at Stiltz used to work for stairlift companies and we have experienced these first-hand.

Alternatively, a hydraulic home elevator can be installed.  Unlike a stairlift they can usually move more than one person between floors and are certainly a more upscale option.  But with this type of residential elevator come other challenges and barriers to ownership. Hydraulic elevator lifts can be noisy and may only be able to be installed in a few places in the home because of the need for a lift shaft. They are also usually quite expensive.

Occasionally a wheelchair or platform lift will be used inside the home but these are primarily used for outdoor use due to their very industrial appearance and noise.

Now there is a third option.  Stiltz offer a range of uniquely designed totally electric home elevators that are not only quick and easy to install but also overcome the many disadvantages of both stairlifts and hydraulic elevator lifts.

The Stiltz selection of non-hydraulic residential elevators check a significant number of boxes in terms of what to look for in a elevator lift and we are confident that most home owners will find our products a great fit for their home, lifestyle and personality.

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