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Think of someone with a home elevator in their home, and you might jump to visions of extravagant, lavish properties that would fit right in on a Beverley Hills street. However, as thousands of discerning homeowners are discovering, there is nothing extravagant or lavish about having a residential elevator in your property. Quite the reverse. Modern home elevators from Stiltz, whilst every bit as state-of-the-art as you might imagine, are as practical as they are elegant. They are a life-changing piece of equipment for older generations and those with mobility difficulties. And as an investment they more than pay for themselves, in many ways.

Age in place

The US Census Bureau states that there are 49.2 million Americans who are aged 65 or older. Of that age group there were 15.7 million Americans with a disability, with over 10 million of those having difficulty walking according to another report. For each one of these people having an elevator in the home would allow them to age in place, and enjoy home comforts into their senior years. Alongside the benefit of being able to stay in a muc- loved family home, without the inconvenience of uprooting, avoiding a house move saves huge tax and title fees as well as realtor commission fees. For folks who might otherwise need to move into a retirement home, installing an elevator is a tiny investment to make compared to the cost of senior care.

Add value to the home

The new wave of Stiltz Home Elevators use cutting edge technology to the greatest level in every way possible: excellent operation, uncompromised safety, a discreet and streamlined profile, and elegant looks with glass panels and attractive down lighting. Unlike a stair lift, which can make the home feel cluttered, the addition of a home elevator adds a sense of luxury and style, not to mention convenience.

Perhaps it is unsurprising then that a home’s value is increased by the installation of a home elevator. A report by, states that a home elevator can add 10 per cent or more to the value of a property.

Not just for senior living

The value of a home elevator is measured not only in cold, hard dollars, but also in the convenience it brings to the home. While this convenience can be great for seniors, it can also be a huge benefit for homeowners in all life stages. During the busy toddler and baby years families find value in being able to carry little ones safely upstairs. Parents running busy homes with teenagers can find the value of an elevator is having more than one route to the second floor. Older adults can feel the value of an elevator is in the peace of mind they have from knowing their home is suitable for them no matter what happens in the future, and is useable for all house guests including older parents.

So what is the value?

For the financially savvy, it is a reassuring benefit that installing a home elevator has the potential to increase the property value by 10 per cent. The personal value of a home elevator, however, cannot truly be measured. Giving a homeowner convenience no matter what their age or stage of life, allowing them peace of mind for the future, and, perhaps most importantly, enabling them to age in place. Many homeowners have the wistful notion of the ‘forever home.’ With the addition of a home elevator remaining in one’s home for life becomes an actual, achievable possibility.

In addition to this, calculating moving fees, in-home care costs, or the price of senior care in a retirement home, in monetary terms the home elevator can surely pay for itself several times over.

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