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As more states open up across America and ease lockdown restrictions because of Covid-19 many people with reduced mobility will have become aware about the importance of having a fully-accessible home.

For older people or those with a disability, tackling the stairs on a daily basis can be an extremely challenging experience. With homeowners forced to spend longer in their houses due to the US lockdown, this has naturally meant the chances of a trip or fall in the home has increased.

The traditional stair lift has been around for a long time and is well known as a way of navigating those stairs. However, more and more people are turning to a different more modern, more practical and more stylish mobility solution such as a home elevator as a way of moving between floors. Depending on their mobility issue, when a person uses a stair lift, they might need help from a husband, wife, partner, family member or friend getting on and off the device. But a home elevator enables that person, whether they need to use a walker or be in a wheelchair, to use the lift completely independently and unaided.

At Stiltz Home Elevators, for example, there are two types of main residential elevator offered, the Duo range of elevators, which can accommodate one or two people and the Trio series that are primarily designed for wheelchair users. The benefit of the larger lift is there is enough space for a carer too if needed. Unlike conventional home elevators, which were powered by hydraulics or noisy vacuum systems and often needed a separate machine room, Stiltz home lifts run on a quiet self-contained motor system and plug straight into a standard dedicated 220v home outlet, just like any other major appliance. Manufactured to a high standard, the range of residential elevators by Stiltz have been designed to look attractive in the home. Elevators of yesteryear tended to look more boxy and square-like but these lifts make a welcome addition to any property. With no load bearing walls required, the lift travels through the floor on self-supporting rails, and is quick and easy to install.

The Stiltz Home Elevators comply with the ASME A17.7 (a Standard recognized by ASME A17.1) and ASME A18.1 Vertical Lift Code, and include all the safety features expected from such a product. Unlike a stairlift, there are also no risks of trips or falls. Taking up less than six square foot of surface area, the residential elevators can be virtually anywhere in the home, and are simple and easy for the user to use.

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