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If you are finding it difficult to use the stairs at home for any reason, then Stiltz home elevators for residential houses has the answer to comfortable, safe independence for years to come. Whether you need support due to your own mobility issues, or those of someone you live with, Stiltz elevators are quick to install and easy to use.  Unlike most commercial elevators which require hydraulic cables, a pre-made shaft, machine room and motor, these residential elevators are non-hydraulic, instead moving between their own supporting rails.

The home lifts do not require any heavy-duty building works and can be fitted discreetly in to your home within a day.  And unlike a stair lift, a Stiltz home elevator, such as this two-person lift, can move you comfortably and smoothly between floors in less than 30 seconds with your vacuum cleaner, pet, luggage and even another person in tow!

Here we will explore which type of elevator is best for your home.

You can make a Stiltz Home Elevator fit into your home with ease

One fantastic reason for choosing a home elevator over a stair lift (or going to the expense of moving to a single story) is how customizable the options are.  No matter the available space in your home, the Stiltz residential elevators can be installed in a number of different ways to suit you.  It could be placed between your two most-used rooms, in the void of a turning staircase, or even from closet to closet for those who wish to keep their elevator discreet.

The unique design option of the Thru-Car also means you can enter on one side and exit on the other, or perhaps the issue you have is getting from your garage on the basement level into your home. A Stiltz home elevator could be the answer.

Even if your home has quirky angles such as sloped or cathedral ceilings, Stiltz installer partners can help you find a quick and simple way around this with easy modifications to the ceiling.

You have a wide choice of sizes and styles

Our range of home elevator options is ever increasing, with our most recent model the Stiltz Duo Alta now on the market, along with the six-metre travel option which introduces more options for homeowners with high ceilings or the need for three stops.

If you require an elevator to carry one to three people or a wheelchair/walker, then the Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Elevator can give you the freedom and independence you need to continue to enjoy your home for many years to come.

Simple and transparent pricing gives you peace of mind

Whilst you may find some seemingly great deals for home lifts online, it is important to factor in their hidden charges such as delivery costs, requirements of building a shaft, installation costs, plus the labor needed on top of that (which in the case of hydraulic lifts can take 2+ people 3-4 days).

Innovative and stress-free options

The innovative micro footprint of the Stiltz Home Elevator means that you can give up less space in your home than with a traditional hydraulic elevator. Along side this, the system runs on its own dual rails meaning it can be placed anywhere in the home that makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle, rather than being limited to a supporting wall.

With no hydraulics or separate machine room to worry about, your residential elevator will run off a regular power outlet making it economical to run and includes top-of-the-line safety features that keep you moving even during a power outage.

Make it your own with sleek designs

The incredible Duo Alta model has the smallest footprint for residential elevators on the market making it sleek, space saving and attractive.  Yet, even if you require the larger designs such as the Trio Wheelchair elevator, you will soon find that due to the elegant transparent or semi-transparent design, your lift soon blends into the room and becomes ‘part of the furniture’.

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