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More and more homeowners are turning to a home elevator for its many benefits in terms of design, home upgrade and mobility options.

You can begin future proofing your home at any point to suit you and nowadays residential elevators are compact, sleek and whisper quiet – making it the perfect lifestyle investment.

A home elevator provides comfort, peace of mind and access to all areas of your home whenever you want for as long as you need.

Here are some key opportunities when your installation would fit in perfectly!

You are Future-proofing

You found the perfect home for you. You have memories there. Your friends live close by. Understandably, you never want to move.

This is where a home elevator comes in. By upgrading your home with a residential elevator, you ensure you can stay in your home for as long as you choose, without ever having to downsize or move if the stairs become too much.

It not only beneficial for your senior years, customers tell us that they love using their home elevator for heavy laundry, transporting large bags and boxes and more. Overall, it is just an easy, safe and ultra-convenient way to move between floors.

You are renovating

If you are embarking on the process of repairing or improving your home, it is the perfect time to factor in the installation of a home elevator.

You have got the project planning mindset on and you are prepared for trades people to be working daily in your home, so you may like to get it all done in one go.

Your home lift installation team only need a couple of days for a standard retrofit so they can work neatly into your project timeline.

You are experiencing health or mobility challenges

Whether you are making plans to support yourself through a long-term illness or you are rehabilitating following an accident or you have just retired, a home elevator can significantly improve your quality of life.

A home lift can be used day and night (thanks to its smart LED lighting), can accommodate a wheelchair and includes an easy to operate remote control which calls the elevator to whichever floor you need.

More than being convenient to use, a Stiltz wheelchair elevator gives our customers back their happiness, confidence and independence.

You are adding an in-law suite

Taking care of an older relative can offer them a chance to be independent in a safe and loving environment.

In fact, more and more families are developing purpose made ‘in-law suites’ within their existing homes. An in-law suite is often a separate space with its own bathroom, sometimes in a basement or over a garage, offering your relatives privacy.

As part of an in-law suite project, it is the perfect time to consider an in-home elevator. It offers a safe and comfortable way for your loved ones to move between their suite and other floors of your home with confidence.


About Us

Stiltz Home Lifts specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of elegant and versatile home elevators, for those who need one now, or in the future.

With a compact footprint, our range of residential elevators can fit almost anywhere in your home, allowing you to access every part of your home now and forever with no limitations.
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