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Thanksgiving is a celebration of family, friends, and food; a moment to give a nod to all of the good things and best people in our lives. Aside from enjoying all the Thanksgiving meal has to offer, here are five fun things to do on Thanksgiving – besides eating!!!

Decorate your space

If the weather is on your side and you have an outdoor space available, why not set up a pop-up tailgate welcoming your guests to your party. Get the grandchildren involved with signs and homemade decor piled up onto the back of your pickup, or equally why not spread pumpkins, vintage lanterns, and crafted seasonal wreaths around your veranda.

If backyard entertaining is your thing, an outdoor fire pit to sit and chat around will be appreciated by all. A gathering around a roaring fire is pretty much a no-brainer on a crisp fall night. Who wants s’mores!?

Thanksgiving games

The whole family enjoys a game.  Why not make your own tic-tac-toe board with pinecones and stones for pieces.

For the kids, create a fun games area with Hunt the Pumpkin. A gourd ring toss or pumpkin knock-down game are so easy to set up. Invite the neighbors over for a little friendly competition.

Host Your Own Turkey Trot

Organize your own version of a family Turkey Trot, whether its 5K charity run or a 1K to accommodate the little legs of young children, dress up, get involved and have some fun for a good cause. Alternatively, check to see if your local community might be holding an event, with proceeds going to neighbors in need.

…First turkey across the finish line gets all the leftovers!

Make Gratitude Bracelets

DIY bracelets and necklaces are a fun craft to keep kids busy! Have the elastic already cut with one end tied and all of the beads in individual bags for each child.

What better time than at Thanksgiving to remind ourselves to express gratitude and live by it. Because gratitude brings peace and happiness and reminds us to always be grateful for what we have.

Split the Wishbone

Weird as it may seem, wishbone splitting is an age-old Thanksgiving tradition. And we love it!

Part of this turkey tradition involves the wishbone in the turkey carcass. Two people each grab a side and break the bone apart while making a wish.

The person who comes away with the largest part of the wishbone will have their wish granted.

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