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Are you thinking about installing a home elevator?  Not sure whether to wait?  Here’s why you should not delay.

At Stiltz Home Lifts, we speak to a lot of potential customers on a daily basis and it is not unusual to hear that their plan is to install a residential elevator ‘definitely soon, but not just yet.’  We like to discuss why doing it now, rather than in the future, is an excellent idea. Here are our top five reasons why you should not delay in buying a home elevator.

1. ‘PRACTICAL’ LUXURY: Many if not the majority of our customers do not need a home lift for mobility reasons yet.  A lot are many years off that stage of their life.  But they choose to enjoy it as a practical luxury for a few years before it becomes a necessity.  Stiltz residential elevators make excellent dumbwaiters for moving heavy or cumbersome items safely around your home such as luggage, laundry or even grandchildren.

2. ELDERLY RELATIVES: You may have elderly friends who already find the stairs a challenge and would immediately benefit from the home lift when they visit. Some families also have elderly relatives come to live with them, so the Stiltz home elevator once installed will help two generations in one.

3. HEALTH ISSUES: No one ever knows when a medical condition, trip or stumble on the stairs may occur.  By being proactive and installing a home elevator, you are prepared for later life and for all eventualities along the way.

4. STAY AT HOME: – More and more people want to prepare their homes in advance for old age. This way they are able to stay in their own home and avoid moving to a care home or retirement village.

5. ONE LEVEL v MULTIPLE LEVEL RESIDENCES: A one-level home allows access to all rooms without encountering stairs. But a two-or three-story home with an elevator provides exactly the same access. If you have a basement and an attic, it just makes sense, and you will not have to compromise on where you want to live.

So, if you are researching home elevators and think you will buy one in the future why not get in touch with one of our home elevator specialists today.

You will get a few more years of use and reduce your average annual cost of ownership.  More use and benefit for the same money. It is no wonder the most common thing we hear from new customers is ‘I only wish we had done it sooner!’


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