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When homeowners purchase a Stiltz Home Elevator they can do so in the knowledge that they could also be investing in their property.

Many Stiltz customers have told us that when they have their houses valued by an real estate broker and the additional of a residential elevator in their home has resulted in an increase in the sale price. See our top reasons why a Stiltz Home Elevator can add value to your home below.

1. BABY BOOMERS – The addition of a Stiltz Home Elevator to your home is a big plus for the retirement market. It immediately makes your home desirable to those looking for a property with an established mobility solution, should the stairs become a challenge.

2. PRACTICAL AND BEAUTIFUL – Gone are the days of clunky, unattractive mobility solutions. A modern residential elevator from Stiltz is flexible, versatile and stylish. A Stiltz Home Elevator is modular so it can be taken apart and rebuilt in almost any location within the home. It is specifically designed to blend into its surroundings and to only be noticed for all the right reasons. The elevator capsule is easy on the eye, modern and ergonomic and many of our customers say they their lifts are repeatedly admired by friends and family.

3. HEAVY LIFTING – As well as offering a luxurious travel experience, a Stiltz residential elevator has many other uses. It is ideal for transporting awkward or heavy items such as luggage or boxes, avoiding the stairs. You can travel up with the grandchildren, or carrying a baby. You can even send the fresh laundry up in it, as you can send the lift up remotely without having to be in it yourself.

4. UPGRADE YOUR HOME – Installing a futuristic domestic elevator in your property, is an instant upgrade to the overall spec of your home as it provides a more luxurious way to travel between floors in comfort and at your leisure. The range of Stiltz residential elevators are high-tech, semi-scenic lift which lets in the light and offers an unimpeded view as you travel.

5. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK – Our customers tell us that even though the lift is incredibly easy to uninstall and transfer, most preferred to leave it in situ, when selling their property, as they have found it is not just a talking point but also a key selling point.

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