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This installation of the Stiltz Duo Vista Home Elevator took place at the home of Mrs Ojeda in Florida, USA.

Mrs Ojeda’s elderly parents moved in with her so she could care for them, but they were quickly in need of a practical solution to get them safely between floors, as the stairs were becoming difficult. After some research, and discounting an old fashioned stair lift, Mrs Ojeda decided on a Stiltz Duo Vista Home Elevator. She has been delighted with the result and has been recommending it to many of her friends. At Stiltz Lifts, we requested an interview with Mrs Ojeda and she was happy to provide us with her thoughts and feedback. We thank Mrs Ojeda for her time. Watch the video, read the transcript below or read the Mrs Ojeda case study.

What made you start looking for a residential elevator solution?

My parents live with my husband. My dad is 94 and my Mum is 88. My Mum has back problems and my Dad had a stroke that left his left leg numb, so we had to look for something that would get him up the stairs to the bedrooms. It was either that or re-do the whole house downstairs.

Did you consider any other products before looking into Stiltz?

My sister and I started researching stair lifts and we had a couple of people come to the house to quote. But there was just something I didn’t like about it, so I started looking into what I considered a ‘home elevator’. I had looked into it before years but I couldn’t find anything at the time, but this time – I found Stiltz!

What’s your favorite thing about your Stiltz Home Elevator?

There are so many things. I love it. I love the glass but I guess my favorite part, aside from the look and the transport stuff, is that it is so quick and so easy to use. You just get in, flick the button and you go up and down. And to me, that is just ease of use.

Is your Stiltz Elevator quiet?

It is very quiet, you can hardly hear it. It has a gentle hum, but I can hardly hear it. It is very very quiet.

Has your Stiltz Home Elevator changed the lives of your family?

I wish we had this years ago. It has changed our lives. Dad loves it. He takes people to see it and says ‘take a ride’. It makes it so much easier for him, because he never has to go up the stairs anymore and he loves it. It’s also large enough that, if I go in there with him, me, him and his walker all fit in comfortably.

What would you say to someone considering purchasing a Stiltz Residential Lift?

Go for it. If you have a necessity for it, no matter how small, I would tell anyone else who is considering anything else other than this, to go for a Stiltz home elevator.

What do your friends think of your Stiltz Residential Elevator?

They actually really like it. My neighbor has said to me ‘Oh my gosh, the value of your home just went up, so much’. He thinks it looks great.

How often do you tend to use your Stiltz Lift?

Every day. In the morning, we go down with it and at night we go up with it. And any time, Dad wants to, in between.

Do you believe your Stiltz Elevator was good value?

Compared to everything else we researched, yes. Compared to the stair lifts, yes.

How disruptive was the installation and how quickly was it finished?

The installation wasn’t at all disruptive. They did what they had to do, I wasn’t even there. I just left my house and they did what they had to do. It took about three days, but not all day long, so it wasn’t disruptive at all. The second day they got the most done. They got it done really quickly.

Would you recommend Stiltz Lifts to others?

Without a doubt. I already have, a number of times. Absolutely without a doubt.

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