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Now the construction and electrical work is completed – it is time for your Stiltz Home Elevator to be installed.

Although most residential elevators will have required several weeks of preparation and disruption, at Stiltz, we have seen our lifts ordered and installed in less than two weeks.  That is faster than many stairlift installations and certainly a lot quicker than a traditional hydraulic elevator installation.

Of course, your authorized dealer will plan everything around your schedule so whether you are in a rush or have plenty of time, the home elevator project will go at the pace you want it to.

The installation of one of our elevator lifts is very straightforward and can take as little as a day for simple installs.  Only two people are typically needed as the Stiltz residential elevator consists of modular pieces – the rails, car and hoist – so there is not usually any problem getting the components into the home.

Elevators from other manufacturers usually consist of bigger, heavier parts and many Stiltz installers tell us how much they prefer installing our home lifts for that reason.

Once it is in position, fully installed and tested you will be given a thorough run through of your new Stiltz Home Elevator. All operating instructions will be explained as well as safety features.

Your purchase is an important one so your authorized installer will be happy to spend as much time as necessary with you.  However, as we have designed Stiltz residential elevators to be simple to install and operate, it is usually not long before you are taking your new lift for a ride.

Before you know it you, will find it hard to remember life without your Stiltz home elevator! Even if you still have perfect mobility, you will love the convenience and luxury it brings to your home and life.

We have lost count of the number of customers who did not think they could afford a home elevator or have room in their home for one and now count it as the best addition to the home they have made.

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