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Stiltz Lifts has continued its rapid growth by expanding its operation in the USA.

The home elevator manufacturer set up its stateside headquarters in Pennsylvania in 2013 under the leadership of experienced home accessibility specialist, Mark Blomfield.

Now Stiltz Lifts has moved its facility to Bethlehem, which is more than double the size of the previous offices in Allentown.

The move will enable the residential elevator company to increase its inventories and deliver more of its unique range of home elevator products to customers across the country, faster than ever before. The business will also improve service levels and offer superior training and demonstration areas for its trade partners.

Mr Blomfield, president of Stiltz Lifts USA, who has substantially increased his workforce since 2013, said: “We always figured on three years being around the time we would need to move from our first location. Although we typically deliver our home lifts quicker than most manufacturers, we want to improve on our service levels further and we can only do that if we can hold the additional stock that growing demand requires.”

Stiltz Lifts saw significant sales in 2016 and has already surpassed what it achieved in 2015. Mr Blomfield said: “We have a unique product that all our trade partners love selling. With more and more people needing a floor-to-floor accessibility solution, and a tendency to avoid going for a stairlift, demand for our product is growing and growing.

“As we continue to expand our USA distribution and installation network, demand for technical training will grow, so it is also important that we offer the training facilities expected by our partners. The new location allows us to train on more products in a comfortable environment. We should be good here for a while, but the goal is to outgrow the new place as quickly as possible!”

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