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Stiltz Home Elevators has been awarded Green America’s Green Business Certification.

We expanded our operations to the USA from the UK in 2013, manufactures some of the most space-efficient residential elevators in the world and can now proudly display the Green America Seal.

Green America is a national, not-for-profit organisation that was set up in 1982 and its Green Business Certification is a leading authentic trustmark for true green business practices.

Stiltz Home Elevators has been awarded the seal for excelling in social and environmental responsibility and meeting all the green business standards criteria. This includes providing evidence that the home elevator company is environmentally responsible in the way its sources, manufactures, and markets its elevator lifts and runs its operations and facilities.

The Stiltz range of residential elevators are compact but spacious which means they can be fitted into smaller eco-friendly homes as well as larger dwellings where space can still be at a premium.

The small size of the elevator lift – it takes up less than seven sq ft – means that significantly less materials are used in the manufacture of the home elevators than conventional ones. The elevators can, in most cases, be installed without the need of a lift shaft so no extensive remodelling of a house with the associated materials, is required. This further reduces the environmental footprint of the Stiltz elevator lift.

Stiltz home elevators, which includes a wheelchair elevator big enough to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair, are also low on power consumption and very economical as they are run from a standard dedicated 220v home outlet, just like any other major appliance.

The Stiltz headquarters is based in Bethlehem, Philadelphia and its residential elevators are sold nationwide and all around the world.

Stiltz Home Elevators President of North American Operations, Mark Blomfield, said: “We are delighted to have earned the Green America Seal. It is part of our ethos at Stiltz to build environmentally-friendly and green elevators.

“We are proud that, thanks to its unique and innovative design, we produce home elevators that use far fewer materials and consume much less energy than conventional elevators.”


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