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People have always looked for a way to stay in their homes as they age, and ageing in place has now become a common term, with residential elevators allowing people to do just that.

At Stiltz, one thing we have noticed more and more is, customers purchasing and installing elevators a long way ahead of time, with a view to enjoying their additional benefits while they are still mobile.

The Stiltz Elevator is compact, reliable and fast. It is not only good for carrying people, but also extremely useful for carrying awkward or heavy objects between floors. Our lifts include two wireless remote controls allowing you to easily move heavy or cumbersome items between floors and use the residential elevator as a very effective dumbwaiter.

Home elevators are increasingly becoming a desirable amenity for their other uses, in addition to being a mobility solution. Knowing that one might need to feature in your future makes them an even more appealing investment.

Your elevator starts out as a welcome luxury within the home and as well as getting you from one floor to another, it is great if you are going on vacation and you need to bring heavy luggage down. It is also ideal if you have house guests and need to send their bags up to the guest room using the remote control without having to enter the lift yourself.

Having a clear out? You can send all of the garbage down in the elevator without having to make several trips. Renovating part of your property? Use your Stiltz residential elevator to get all of your supplies up to you in one go. Not feeling strong? It does not matter. You can let your Stiltz elevator do all of the heavy lifting for you. We even know of one customer who uses his lift for moving firewood in his mountain cabin.

Getting the vacuum cleaner between floors is no problem with the Stiltz residential elevator. No need to carry the weight down the stairs anymore. Just pop it in the elevator car and send it straight to where you need to use it next. Same with the laundry.

Our products are fitted with obstruction sensors above and below the lift and include all the safety features you would expect with a residential elevator.  Depending on your needs you can chose the Stiltz Duo Home Elevator for tight spaces, or the larger, but still compact Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lift with more interior space and lifting capacity.

Put simply, the Stiltz range of home elevators and wheelchair lifts make life easier.

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