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With any mobility product, the jargon used, and questions asked around the safety features included can be quite confusing and filled with industry focused terminology. We at Stiltz Home Elevators believe in giving our customers total peace of mind when purchasing one of our products, so we have outlined some of our key safety features and frequently asked questions without using too much industry terminology:


Safety Feature: Top & Bottom Safety Pans

All Stiltz Home Elevators are fitted with safety sensors both underneath and above. These sensors detect if there are any obstructions above or below, and if anything is detected, the elevator won’t move or if it’s in use it will come to a smooth stop.


Safety Feature: Half Height Light Curtain

All our home elevators are installed with either a dull height or half height door. With the half height door, a sensor included as standard is our ‘Half Height Light Curtain’. Although it’s not a light or curtain that you can see, it’s a sensor that’s located at the entrance to the elevator. It means if anything crosses this threshold while the elevator is in motion or is protruding prior to ‘lift off’, the elevator will either come to a smooth stop or will not move.


Question: What stops the Elevator from falling?

Our Home Elevators use two very strong cables which wind around a drum in the top of the car. The whole lift car is supported by two vertical rails. In the unlikely event these cables become slack, our patented ‘Fall Arrest Mechanism’ kicks in. This system is designed to act as a sort of ‘emergency brake’ that prevents the elevator from falling or moving.


Question:  What standards of compliance do Stiltz Home Elevators have? 

There are a couple of different standards otherwise known as “Elevator Codes” that our Stiltz Home Elevators comply with. Primarily the ASME A17.7 (a Standard recognized by ASME A17.1 – which is the Elevator Code) and ASME A18.1 Vertical Lift Code. These ensure that all our Stiltz Home Elevators are compliant with the safety standards for each state that we operate in. They also mean that anything from the design to the operation and maintenance of the elevators is also up to the correct standard.


If you would like to find out more about the safety features included in our Home Elevators, you can read more on our Duo Home Elevators page and Trio Home Elevators page.

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