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As parents grow older, there can be a shift in balance between them and their adult children. Where once the parents cared for and protected their children from harm, this can flip as parents reach their senior years and it becomes the children who worry about them being vulnerable to accidents and falls. But often adult children can feel powerless to help, especially when parents are in the same family home they have lived in for years and are determined not to move.

A perfect solution comes from Stiltz Home Elevators whose range of residential elevators are designed to make access in the home safe, simple and convenient. Here we highlight what makes our home lifts range the best possible choice for customers wanting keep their parents as safe as possible.

Same level

Every home elevator within the Stiltz range has been thoughtfully designed with the safety of the user front of mind. For example, the residential elevator floor will always stop level with the floor of the room, meaning there is no trip hazard, ramp or step to navigate for those who have trouble walking.

Travel with a carer

The popular Stiltz Duo+ Home Elevator is compact, yet large enough for two people to travel together, meaning that those who are nervous can have a companion ride along with them. The Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Elevator is slightly more spacious and can easily accommodate a wheelchair user or up to three people at once.

Safety additions

All Stiltz home elevators include the option to add in pull-down seat or grab rail for those who require extra mobility measures to keep them safe.

Smooth ride

Stiltz home elevators are built with state-of-the-art dual-rail technology to give the smoothest ride possible. Unlike a stair lift – which can be a bumpy ride with an awkward maneuver at either end – a residential elevator ensures an easy and comfortable journey between floors.

Choice of location

Thanks to the surprisingly small footprint of the Stiltz residential elevator there are a huge range of locations it can be placed around the home. This is perfect for senior age parents with very limited mobility as the home elevator can be installed in the most used rooms of the house cutting out the need for unnecessary travel around the home. Positioning the elevator in the family room travelling straight up to the main bedroom, for example, makes the journey from first floor to bed very simple and convenient.

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