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This installation of a Stiltz Duo Thru Car Home Elevator took place at the home of Mr and Mrs Turner in Florida, USA.

The couple started looking for a way that would make it easier for Mr Turner to move between the floors of their home after he developed neuropathy which is a nerve disorder that can be caused by diabetes. The Turners looked a range of options before deciding to install a Stiltz Home Elevator because it was easy to install, simple to use, extremely quiet, value for money and looks great in their home. Watch the full video below or alternatively read the full transcript below.

What made you start searching for a home elevator solution?

Mrs Turner: My husband has developed a neuropathy in his legs and cannot feel his feet, so the stairs are a little difficult and in this house, right now, all we had was spiral staircases, which we felt was a little dangerous. I was worried about him falling, so we really needed to get him up to the second floor safely.

Did you research any other mobility lift products for your home?

Mrs Turner: We looked at vacuum home elevators, and we looked at building the stairs and putting the chair lift that goes up the stairs on them. The vacuum elevators are very noisy and the stairlift just didn’t look very good.

Is your Stiltz residential elevator easy to use?

Mrs Turner: It’s very easy to use. I think the part of it that I like best is that it’s open on the top, so you don’t feel closed in, and you just push the button and it goes.

How noisy is your Stiltz Home Elevator?

Mrs Turner: The lift is very quiet. We had a vacuum home lift in another house and it was extremely noisy, so we really appreciate this electric lift.

How has the Stiltz benefited your life at home?

Mrs Turner: I think having the home lift really takes a way a lot of the worry that I had about my husband and the stairs. And it means that we don’t have to move our bedroom downstairs, that we can continue to use the best part of our house for a bedroom. It also helps me to carry the laundry down so I’m happy to have it.

What surprised you most about the Stiltz residential elevator?

Mrs Turner: When you look at it, it’s such an easy product to install in your house, as compared to building in an enclosed home elevator, which is a huge expense, so I think the value of Stiltz residential elevators is probably one of its best attributes.

What do your friends say when they come over and see it?

Mrs Turner: I have to point it out to them because they don’t notice it, and then they go, wow! That’s cool!

How often do you tend to use your Stiltz Home Elevator?

Mrs Turner: My husband goes up and down in it every day and when he wants to go to bed. He gets up in the morning and comes down it. I use it, probably a couple of times a day just to take laundry up, laundry down, get dressed, come back.

Was installing the elevator in your home disruptive?

Mrs Turner: The installation was not disruptive. The work men were very pleasant, almost didn’t know they were here. They were quiet and they were cleaner than any renovation I’ve ever had.

How do you feel today about Stiltz Home Elevators?

Mrs Turner: Stiltz did a wonderful job in presenting the different options and in making recommendations to make it the residential elevator blend in better with the house, and let us know what it was and what we needed, and all the different options that they had.


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