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All too often home design focusses on the here and now: what is in fashion, what are the latest must-haves, and what features do the occupants need for a comfortable life at this moment in time. But making adaptations to a home can be expensive and disruptive. If we focus only on the immediate requirements of the home without giving thought to long-term needs and wishes, the risk is the décor of the property will not stand the test of time and will need redesigning sooner than it should.

At Stiltz Home Elevators, the team looks at how to design a home in 2021 which achieves the balance between a space which is on-trend and perfect for this year, yet also has longevity, meaning you will love it just as much as you grow older.

Consider future needs

Perhaps the place to start is to look to the future. Of course, no one knows what the future holds, but there are certain things we can have a good guess at: children will grow up and leave home, we may know when we will retire or we may have alternative career plans and aspirations. We also know that we will age, and that aging brings a few likelihoods such as possibly being less mobile, and perhaps needing a few modern conveniences to keep us independent.

When designing our homes, it is always worth looking 10 or 15 years ahead to see what our future needs and wants might be, and if we are planning big changes to the home perhaps starting to cater for them now. For example, could we incorporate a residential elevator into a remodel of the hallway, or could the kitchen be designed with senior living in mind, to minimize bending and reaching? Many future-proofing changes like this actually improve a home for occupants of any age.

Make long term investments

There are certain purchases for the home which are worth investing in. For example, wall colors may come and go depending on fashions and trends, but the style of a fitted bathroom or kitchen should last much longer. For bigger more permanent investments in the home try to go for more neutral designs that have more longevity. Choose good quality fixtures, and a well-qualified fitter to make sure your refit lasts as long as it can.

Inject your own style

When thinking about the actual style and décor in the home, be led by your own preferences and taste. Fashions, of course, change every season, but if you have chosen furnishings that are just to your style, you are more likely to love them for longer than ones you choose because they were on trend at the time.

Have fun with the accessories

Once the building blocks of future-proof design, largescale décor and furniture are in place, it is the easy swaps that can be used to add up-to-date style over the years. Wall colours can be changed relatively easily and can give the impression of a complete redesign. The clever addition of cushions in a new accent color, and change in ornaments and wall art can make for a dramatic, yet low-cost and low-effort, makeover. With some careful forward planning a home can be made ready for future eventualities, can look perfect for 2021, and can stay looking fresh and up to date throughout the years with only the most minimal of changes.

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