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Home elevators are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the country with global sales of residential elevators predicted to grow by between 20 per cent and 45 per cent over the next five years according to a recent study. Homeowners are finding that their lifestyle and quality of life is significantly improved with the installation of a residential elevator. Senior citizens can stay in their homes much longer, while holding onto their freedom and personal independence. Furthermore, a home lift is a great solution for those who develop mobility challenges later in life or for those who use a wheelchair.

But how safe is a Stiltz Home Elevator? At Stiltz, we pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record, thanks to the comprehensive range of integrated safety features which you would expect from a product such as a home elevator. As standard across the home elevator selection, Stiltz elevators include a full height light curtain which acts as a sensor that activates when crossed and immediately stops the lift. The home elevator is designed with a safety lid plug which essentially fills the hole in the floor when the elevator is in the downstairs position. The lid is strong enough to stand on when upstairs, is very safe and we can even add a piece of your upstairs flooring – whether it be wood or carpet – so it blends with your décor. There is also a key switch feature which allows users to ‘lock’ the lift’ and turn it off completely with a key. This is useful if users have small children or grandchildren around or if you are away on vacation.

All residential elevators by Stiltz include top and bottom safety pans which tell the user if there is an obstruction. If the sensor kicks in, the lift will stop, to allow the person operating the lift to remove the obstruction safely. The passenger is in total control when using the elevator as the lift can only move up or down by using the hold-to-run controls. This pressure activated push-pad gives you total control over the lift. Each Stiltz home lift model has a maximum load amount and the weight limit sensors will kick in and prevent the lift from travel if this pre-set weight is exceeded. There are also out of balance sensors fitted as standard so that if the lift is reading off-balance, it will prevent the elevator from moving.

All Stiltz models include a fall arrest mechanism – a patented system which prevents the car from falling in the unlikely event of the steel ropes going slack. There is also an emergency stop button which can be found on the push pad, right next to the main hold-to -un controls if the user needs to halt the lift at any time. There is also a over speed detection using a optical sensor which detects the speed of travel. If for any reason the lift travels beyond its pre-set speed, this sensor will stop the lift.

For additional peace of mind and confidence, all of our home lifts come with a 24-month parts warranty.

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