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One of the fantastic benefits of choosing a Stiltz Home Elevator is that can it can take just one day to install and you can start using it straightaway.

This is because, unlike a traditional hydraulic home elevator, at Stiltz, we have manufactured a lift which needs very little time to fit in the home.

None of our range of home elevators, including the Stiltz Duo Home Elevator, Stiltz Trio Home Elevator and Stiltz Duo Alta Home Elevator, are hydraulically-powered, do not take up an abundance of space or require a separate machine room.

Our designers and engineers wanted to make the Stiltz elevator simple and easy to install so came up with a unique, more economical, way of powering the lifts – electricity.
Situated – out of sight – at the top of each home elevator is a self-contained motor which plugs straight into any normal power socket in any American home.

Another unique feature of the Stiltz selection of lifts is the fact they also do not need to be supported by load bearing walls or any other extra mechanisms which massively reduces the time it takes to install the elevator.

Hydraulic home elevators and traction home elevators usually require a pump or lift shaft in order for the lift to move between floors. With a Stiltz residential elevator, however, passengers are transferred from floor to floor on self-supporting rails or ‘stilts’.

Whilst it can take weeks to install a hydraulic or traction home elevator due to the amount of building work which is needed to be carried out, installing a Stiltz Home Elevator could not be simpler.

All a professional builder has to do is cut out a hole in the ceiling for the lift to pass through between floors and one of our Authorized Stiltz Home Elevator Dealers, which are based nationwide across the USA, will do the rest. The home elevator is delivered in modular sections making it easy to move under most doorways and ceilings before it is then pieced together. Our Stiltz dealer can also organize all the small amount of building work too.

For a typical installation, the team can have the residential elevator installed in a day which is especially useful, if there is an urgent need for it because the user can no longer safely use the stairs in the home. If the customer has purchased the lift to enhance their current lifestyle or ‘future proof’ for use for later life, they can also be rest assured that, with a Stiltz Home Elevator, there is no lengthy installation time and they can start enjoying the comfort of a ‘real’ lift in their home fast.

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