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A wheelchair lift or elevator is a type of platform lift that can be used in the home. Wheelchair elevators are a safe and comfortable way to travel between floors confidently and independently without the risk of falling or slipping.

The Stiltz Trio Home Elevator is a larger size lift from the Stiltz range, designed specifically to accommodate a wheelchair or a walking frame. Elegant and stylish the minimalist colourway complements any décor making it beautiful as well as practical.

The installation of a Stiltz Trio residential elevator is a total gamechanger, allowing you complete freedom to move around your home day and night – whenever you need to – without having to rely on the kindness of friends or family.

Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Elevator Range

Designed and manufactured specifically for home use, the Stiltz Trio Alta wheelchair lift is very popular due to its stylish shape and design in a pale grey matte finish. With clear sides, it lets light through and blends seamlessly with the surrounding room and its rails are discreetly recessed behind the slightly wider entrance/exit. The Stiltz Trio Alta wheelchair elevator can be called from any floor, using its handy remote control and carries three standing adults, one standard size wheelchair or a person with a walking frame. Easy to use day and night, LED lights are programmed to turn on when the user has called or entered the elevator and remain on for the entire journey.


The Stiltz Trio Thru Car wheelchair elevator is perfect if the layout of your home means it is easier to enter the lift from one side and leave on the other side once you reach your destination. Even if your layout allows exit and entry from either side, a thru car can be very convenient and avoid any unnecessary reversing out or manoeuvring. This unique access and exit design, is made possible by its self-supporting, dual rail technology – a Stiltz innovation – with no other wheelchair home elevator of this kind available on the market.


Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Elevator Benefits

  • Small Footprint – the lift requires less than 13.5sf surface area
  • Quiet to use – whisper quiet in motion thanks to its self-contained motor
  • Fast Installation – arriving in modular sections – standard installs take as little as one day
  • Low energy consumption – plugs straight into a standard dedicated 220v power outlet
  • Unique Dual Rail System – its dual rail self-supporting structure bears the load allowing installation ‘almost anywhere’ in your home without the need for a load bearing wall.


Customer Testimonials

“My husband is in a wheelchair and the Stiltz elevator has given him his independence back and changed our lives.”  – Anne

“I have a knee problem, so it made it very easy for me to not have to worry about the stairs.” – Mrs Ricker

“We would whole-heartily recommend Stiltz. It’s affordable, attractive and a simplified design. It really has exceeded our expectations, the installation went very well and we’re extremely satisfied.” – Mr & Mrs Lydic

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