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Customers tell us that their Stiltz Home Elevator has quite literally transformed their lives because of the freedom and independence that they instantly reclaim.

Whether you want to stay in your forever home and your elevator means you no longer have to downsize, or you have an injury or an illness which prevents you from using the stairs – the installation of a Stiltz residential elevator means you can move around your home whenever you want to – day and night – forever.

Our most popular Stiltz elevator is called the Stiltz Duo Home Elevator. It includes a sleek, capsule-shaped design on a self-supporting structure. It carries two people up one floor in less than 30 seconds and thanks to its self-contained motor, it is smooth running and whisper quiet in travel.

With four models to choose from, this through-floor, vertical elevator has a number of exciting options to explore including:


Stiltz Duo Classic

The original Stiltz Home Elevator is a great entry level choice, suitable for carrying up to two people up one floor in 30 seconds or less. It has an attractive cabin design with a neutral paint finish and matching interior. The Classic has many features included as standard, including as LED lighting and remote controls. Additional features are also available such as seating and a full height door.

Stiltz Duo Vista

Featuring all the same elements as the Classic, the Duo Vista has been fitted with a clear body to give it a contemporary modern look. The styling of The Duo Vista is designed to blend in with any décor, allowing natural light to flood in if it is placed near a window.

Stiltz Duo Alta

The newest addition to the Duo range is the luxurious, Stiltz Duo Alta. The Duo Alta is the top of the Stiltz Duo range and includes a soft grey finish, with matching interlocking door.


Stiltz Duo Thru Car The Stiltz Duo Thru Car is the only elevator on the market which allows passengers to enter and leave from both sides of the cabin. Extremely convenient and designed to eliminate the need to reverse out or turn. This is made possible by the Stiltz unique dual rail technology.



Assembled in the USA, the Duo offers unrivalled versatility in terms of placement in the home and is a safe, compact and discreet alternative to a stairlift. It can be installed in as little as one day with minimal building work and disruption.

From lounge to bedroom or hallway to study, the Duo requires a remarkably small space, but retains its sense of cabin spaciousness inside.

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