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A conversation we sometimes have with our customers revolves around the purchase of home elevators from online suppliers.  Occasionally they point out that the cost is less than the quote they have had for a Stiltz Home Elevator.

However, pricing quoted by online sellers has to be looked at in detail.  Remember, there is much more to consider than just the cost of the residential elevator itself.

Does the price include shipping?  This can easily be in excess of $1,000.  Also, the crates will be extremely heavy and cumbersome so you will need plenty of help when the elevator lift is delivered. It is not your standard UPS delivery!

Also, does the price include installation?  A regular hydraulic elevator can take three to four days for two people to install so remember to factor that cost in too.

Always make sure that the people carrying out the installation are factory trained.  Safety is paramount with the installation of a residential elevator and simply being ‘quite technical’ does not even come close to what is needed to install one.

The other cost that is often forgotten when people shop for home elevators is the construction.  Building a hoist way, or shaft, can easily add $10,000 to $15,000 to the cost of a two-story installation and take several weeks to complete.

In summary, the great bargain you think you found turns out to be more than twice the cost, perhaps over $35,000, and involves several weeks of disruption.

Because the Stiltz Home Elevators has a self-supporting system and, does not require a hoist way to be built, they avoid both the disruption and cost that a traditional elevator project requires.

In any retrofit situation, a Stiltz residential elevator will work out to be a significantly lower cost option yet offer you the same benefits of other products and more.

The smaller footprint of our elevator will also mean you give up less space in your home and the self-supporting system eliminates the need for a structural wall. With no hydraulics, our elevator is run off a standard dedicated 220v home outlet, just like any other major appliance, and is very economical to operate and service.

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