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Spring is in the air and with it comes the feeling of fresh starts and new beginnings. As people shake off the winter and feel ready for something new, it makes sense that spring is also when the housing market starts to wake up. This is especially true for those who have seen their mobility decline over the winter months and are looking for a way to live more independently. However, there is evidence that this year it would be better not to rush into a house move, and that most people looking for accessible living would benefit more from staying where they are and upgrading their existing property.

Moving stress

Finding single story or accessible living accommodation with everything you need sounds great, but in reality, the right property can be hard to find especially within it in the right location near to friends and family. Also, moving home comes with a raft of stress factors, including dealing with buyer, sellers and realtors, negotiations, legal work and all the associated costs. Many people find that once they have secured their new home, the property still needs work to make it right for them.

The best solution

If mobility is a key factor in choosing to look for a new home, a Stiltz home elevator is the better option by far. Attractive, safe and convenient, modern home lifts are as practical as they are elegant. With a compact size and small footprint, Stiltz residential elevators can be fitted in a huge range of locations around the home and come in a range of sizes to suit customers’ needs.

Many homeowners are equally tempted to remodel their home, to equip it solely for first floor living. This can be costly, time consuming and stressful, with architect plans to be drawn up and approved, and the upheaval of building work within the home.

Also, single story living cuts off access to 50 per cent of the property whereas a Stiltz home elevator opens up the whole home to those who are finding the stairs difficult, quickly and easily travelling between floors. Installing a Stiltz elevator is not only cost effective, but it means the home can remain unchanged. A residential elevator is surprisingly fast and easy to install, taking installers just a day to build and fit the lift.

A domestic elevator can help to make the most of your property and provide the mobility support needed, without the stress and upheaval of the alternatives, and at a fraction of the cost of moving home.

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