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The Fall is here – and what a beautiful time of the year it can be across the USA. However, the change in weather conditions and temperature can sometimes leave us unprepared for the new season and lead to a fall. Here are five ways to prevent a fall this fall.

1) Get your yard in order
Who does not love the beautiful colors of the leaves on trees, pumpkin carving, or the cool fall weather, but with leaves falling, comes hazard underfoot if you are not so steady on your feet.
The best thing to do to avoid a fall is to clear all driveways, footpaths and steps of any fallen leaves, and keep it clear. Leaves can become very slippery when wet and increase your chances of a fall.

2) Avoid loose clothing
In the Fall, you are met with milder weather during the daytime, but cooler weather in the early mornings and late evenings. This is the time of year that we tend to layer up. Layering up is practical, but loose clothing can easily get hooked onto door handles, or caught up underfoot. Stick to fitted clothing which is less likely to catch on anything and throw you off balance.

3) Boost your immune system
Fall is when the first viruses creep in so make sure you avoid the temptation to go for comfort food, and stick to a fresh, healthy diet to boost your immune system. This is also the time of year to see your medical practitioner about any routine vaccinations you might need, such as the influenza vaccination.

4) Balance exercises
According to the CDC a senior adult in the US falls every single second of every day. Balance is key to mobility. Practicing a few gentle at-home exercises on a regular basis can help seniors enhance strength, balance and coordination. If you prefer not to exercise at home or alone, research your local community exercise / fall prevention classes and join in with an existing group.

5) Look at making home adaptations
As we get older, using the stairs can become more challenging, and the risk of falls or accidents can increase. If you are finding it more tricky to go up and down the stairs then it might be time to consider making adaptations to your home. More and more homeowners are using home elevators as a way of moving safely, and easily, between floors – all at the touch of a button with no risk of falls.

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