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Celebrated on the third Monday of February every year, Presidents’ Day 2024 falls on February 19. This federal holiday is in the holiday calendar to honor the country’s past Presidents.

This year, rather than shopping the sales and filling your home with goods, instead find a way to celebrate the occasion of Presidents’ Day with your family.

Find out more about the Presidents’

Perhaps there is one of our past Presidents who has always intrigued you. Track down a biography and listen to an audiobook about them, watch a documentary or make a day out of it and visit a museum or location that featured large in their life to find out more about them.

If you have children or grand children this is a wonderful way to bond with them and help them with their schoolwork at the same time. Lots of younger children will be asked to do a piece of work on a President around this time of year so they will be very likely grateful for some timely help. You could even create a fun quiz to share with the family when you have them over for dinner and sneak a little bit of learning for everyone into a typical get together.

Watch a parade

Many cities and towns across the USA hold a parade on Presidents’ Day. This is a fun and celebratory way to join others and bring out the feeling of patriotism that our nation is known for. There will be floats, marching bands, brilliant costumes, and all manner of creative ways of celebrating the red, white and blue of the USA.

Create something patriotic, or even presidential

Perhaps you are one of the many grandparents in the USA who help out with childcare for younger family members. If this is the case, then this is a great time to get crafting with them and make something patriotic. It could be a flag, a poster, a cake, even a door wreath of red, white, and blue ribbons. You are sure to enjoy

marking the occasion with the children in the family and what a special way to make memories for young and old alike.

Or, if your family are all grown up, then perhaps a presidential meal is in order. Apparently, George Washington had a favourite breakfast of hoecakes and honey butter, Thomas Jefferson was partial to macaroni in cheese, or you cannot go wrong with a much-loved apple pie, which was apparently the favourite dessert of Abraham Lincoln. Even if you are not much into cooking, not to worry, apparently President Biden’s favourite food is ice cream!

Visit a historical site

Something that could be enjoyed with other family members, many of us intend to visit the major historical sites in the U.S and yet for whatever reason we do not get around to doing so. If weather permits where you live, perhaps you can make a weekend visit to Mount Vernon (the home of George Washington), or Monticello (home of Thomas Jefferson), The Lincoln Memorial, Independence Hall, the Lincoln Tomb, Mount Rushmore or even The White House.

Honor their legacy

A day spent helping others in your community, by volunteering at a local food bank or a homeless shelter is perhaps the most selfless way you can honor the legacy of the presidents. To give your time to serve others and find a way to improve their situation is a more than apt way to acknowledge US presidents of time gone by.

At Stiltz Home Elevators, we hope we have inspired you to make an occasion of Presidents’ Day 2024, whatever you choose to spend the day doing, be sure to reflect a little on how our Presidents have shaped our wonderful nation.

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