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It is said that there is no place like home, but what if the property which once made your heart sing no longer feels like home? You can remember the buzz of buying a new home, but when your home starts to fight with your mobility needs it is common to feel like the love affair is over. All is not lost however – with help from Stiltz Home Elevators you can learn to love again.

Contemporary Solution

When any relationship breaks down it is easy to rush into drastic action, but often all that is needed is a discussion about what is causing the problems. Likewise, when your own mobility issues are preventing you from being able to live comfortably and conveniently in your own home and you find yourself searching through the realtor ads, it is time to stop and review the situation. If the reason you not unhappy with where you live because you are finding the stairs difficult there is a way to rekindle the love you once felt for your home – with a stylish, contemporary accessibility solution.

By installing a home elevator from Stiltz you can remove the stress and worry about mobility in the future, allowing you to age in place and start to access and love every area of your home again. A residential elevator gives you the advantages of accessible living almost over-night, without having to relocate and leave your friends, neighborhood, and memories behind. By future-proofing with a home lift, you can even add value to the home, as realtors say that many over 60s are looking for properties with future-proofing measures already in place.

A fresh face

A residential elevator is far from just a mobility solution, however. Once box-like disability aids, the modern through the ceiling home lifts available today are barely recognizable, with sleek and stylish looks, and a capsule shaped car carried on two discreet vertical rails. The Stiltz Duo+ Home Elevator and the Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Elevators are roomy enough to carry two people or a wheelchair, yet compact enough to be positioned nearly anywhere around the home. Using state of the art technology Stiltz lifts are whisper quiet and packed with safety features to ensure a seamless and easy transfer between floors. Designed to complement any décor style, an elevator from Stiltz will add an air of opulence and luxury to a property and give any homeowner good reason to fall back in love with their home.

Re-ignite the spark

It is not just about falling back in love your home. Being able to move safely and independently around the home with ease, could give you a new zest for life, and reinvigorate your spontaneity. In this small act of nurturing your home you might find yourself embracing new projects, or getting more active, and falling in love with everything life has to offer.

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