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As nights grow longer, leaves change color and the chill sets in, we know that fall is here and it is time to enjoy all that the cooler months offer, whether that is wrapping up in sweaters for a crisp walk or enjoying a cocoa in the evening.

Fall and winter do come at a financial cost to homeowners however, as heating and lighting our homes for longer in the evenings adds to energy bills. With a bit of thought and planning we can take measures to keep costs down as we embrace the coming season.

Make a meal of it

Enjoying hearty and warming food must be one of the best loved things about cold weather. Whether it is a rich chowder, a tasty pasta bake, or a steaming casserole, we need food that builds us up and keeps us healthy.

To save costs, try planning your weekly meals in advance. This means there is less food waste as ingredients can be shared over two or more meals. Also, meals can be made in bulk and frozen for another week which is more energy and time efficient as well.

Get energy efficient

A lot of the winter costs come from increased energy bills, so the start of fall is the perfect moment to review the energy you are using and whether it is truly essential. Some appliances ‘on standby’ use almost as much as when they are in use, so unplugging these devices can help reduce energy bills.

Older appliances generally use more energy than their more up to date versions, and some appliances are designed to be especially energy efficient. Stiltz home elevators, for example, are designed to use as little energy as boiling a kettle for each journey between floors.

Stay warm and save money

To lower your bills and keep your home warm during fall and beyond, consider insulating your home and check there are no gaps around windows and doorways where warm air could escape.

Draught excluders and heavy drapes are a simple and cost-effective way to eliminate cold air meaning the heating doesn’t have to work so hard to keep the home cozy.

Other ways to rely less on the heating are to add a few extra sweaters to the winter wardrobe, and to keep a quilt handy for when you are relaxing in the evening.

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