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As we settle into a new year, we are more aware than ever before of the decision we make and the impact these can have on climate change and the environmental.

As individuals we have begun to think more responsibly about our choices; from how we travel and our carbon footprint, to what we eat, how much we recycle, our energy suppliers and the appliances we use in our homes.

We increasingly hold to account high profile individuals and corporations who appear not to recognise the shared responsibility for our planet and as such, globally, the environment remains high on the public agenda.

Indeed, environmental issues are increasingly high on the agenda for modern building projects too and as a business focused on the design and installation of domestic residential elevators, these issues are also of great importance to us at Stiltz Home Elevators.

Power consumption

Whilst you might think of a residential elevator as a big drain on energy, adding significantly to your monthly bills, you may be surprised to learn that this is far from the case.

All lifts in the Stiltz home lift range run via a standard 220v AC wall socket. So, even the largest option, the Stiltz wheelchair elevator Trio, a domestic elevator built to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair, only requires the same amount of power needed as a toaster. The elevators are, therefore, as economical in terms of power consumption as possible.

As well as considering the impact on energy usage within your home, Stiltz Home Elevators are mindful of the overall brand’s environmental impact too. From the beginning to the end of the design and build process we aim to be environmentally conscious throughout.

Sustainability is central to the operational approach at Stiltz and we take care to be environmentally responsible in our processes throughout the sourcing, manufacture and marketing of the full range of residential elevators.

Considered design

The home lifts themselves all have a footprint of less than seven feet squared and as such, their more compact size means that the products demand significantly less raw materials to manufacture than say a regular sized, more traditional style elevator.

Despite being compact, the elevators are modern, light filled with a sense of space, thanks to their self-supporting rails, or ‘stilts’. The lifts also feature energy efficient LED lighting, which use up to 85 per less electricity than halogen lights and can also last ten times longer.

Size matters

Home elevators manufactured by Stiltz are highly versatile and can fit into all kinds of spaces within the home. You are equally likely to find one installed in a smaller, modest eco-home as in a large townhouse.

As such, whatever style of property, homeowners do not need to undertake a major remodel within their home to accommodate their Stiltz elevator. This is also of significant benefit in terms of energy usage of course, as well as minimising the associated demand for raw materials necessary for the changes required in the home.

Most importantly Stiltz make our range of residential elevator to last – that are intended to be a quality addition to any home, with durable parts and a highly reliable build quality as the company is conscious that, like us, many of our end users recognise that we all have a responsibility to work towards a better planet.

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