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Residential elevators provide lifestyle, home, and mobility solutions for those looking to move around their home in ease, comfort and luxury. Unlike a stair lift which takes up space along the wall of the existing staircase, a home elevator can fit into the home in a seamless and stylish way, benefitting all members of the household.

However, for those who use wheelchairs a home elevator can be a particularly life-changing solution, giving easy access to the whole of the house in a way a stair lift is unable to. The Stiltz Trio Alta Wheelchair Elevator has been designed specifically with the accessibility needs of wheelchair users in mind, and the experts at Stiltz outline the special features which make this innovative home elevator particularly accessible.

Perfect proportions

Size is important, especially in homes where space is at a premium. The Trio Alta Home Elevator is neat and compact, allowing it to be installed in most homes, whilst being roomy enough to comfortably fit a standard-sized wheelchair. Thanks to the innovative way the motor is stored above the home lift carriage as with all Stiltz elevators, the Trio Alta is able to retain a small footprint despite being the largest lift in the Stiltz range.

No extra equipment needed

One of the main reasons wheelchair users choose a Stiltz residential elevator over a stair lift is the pure convenience factor. With an elevator, wheelchair users remain seated and travel in their chair, and therefore do not need to move equipment between floors or buy an additional wheelchair for upstairs. It also means that the user has the independence to travel around their home without the need for help.

Roll in – roll out

At Stiltz, the comfort and ease of use for the wheelchair user is paramount in all features of the design. For example, when the wheelchair elevator is at rest the base of the carriage aligns perfectly with the floor allowing wheelchair users to travel seamlessly in and out of the lift.

In addition, Stiltz Trio ThruCar allows users to enter and exit from both sides of the lift allowing a wheelchair to travel in and out of the lift in a forward motion.

Easy to use controls

As with all Stiltz home elevators, in the Trio Alta the in-car control panel is situated at a height that is easy to access from both sitting or standing. With a simple and safe hold-to-run power button, controlling the lift could not be easier.

Improves the home

Unlike most mobility equipment on the market, a Stiltz wheelchair elevator can boast that it improves the home for the whole household. Providing a convenient way for anyone to travel between floors, combined with stylish elegance, a home elevator adds an air of luxury to the home. It also means that the home can continue to function as it was designed to, without having to relocate bedrooms downstairs, and gives all members of the household equal access to the whole of the property.

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