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Homeowners tend to purchase a home elevator either when climbing the stairs becomes too difficult for a member of the household, or when they are preparing their home for the future, so they can age in place. At Stiltz Home Elevators, after installing one of our residential elevators, we often hear from our customers that they find there are many hidden benefits and surprising uses for their new addition, which make daily life easier and more convenient. We look at five of the most common unexpected advantages to having an elevator in your home.

  1. Simpler journeys around the home

We do not often consider how having one staircase in the home as the only route between floors creates a pinch-point for a busy family home. Customers report how life with a home elevator offers more options to get around the house, which also means a more efficient use of time and effort. Having more ways to move between floors also means a reduction in the noise and chaos of the stampede when the household are called to come for dinner.

  1. Heavy lifting made easy

Until customers have a residential elevator to take the strain, homeowners often do not realize how much heavy lifting is taken for granted around the home. Be it simply moving the vacuum cleaner upstairs, bringing bags of shopping into a town house, or dragging packed suitcases down the stairs, there is always a risk of injury or damage to the home when moving bulky and heavy items around. A home elevator makes light work of moving things around, and as a Stiltz elevator can take up to between 375-500lbs there is almost nothing it cannot help out with.

  1. Talk of the town

Those choosing a home elevator purely for the practical reasons of ease of use and safety are often wowed by just how elegant and stylish a Stiltz home lift looks in the home. Customers have talked of their surprise at how impressed their visitors are by their new addition, and how friends ask to see the elevator in action and take a ride themselves. In fact, many have said it has given them a whole new talking-point with friends and family.

  1. Anxiety-free future

Many Stiltz customers are those future-proofing their homes in order for them to comfortably age in place. However, even amongst those planning ahead  and making adjustments for the future, it seems to be surprising just how much of a relief it is to not have to worry about the effects of aging on their mobility. Knowing that the home is already adapted and is able to support them no matter what their access needs might be in the future is a huge weight off the mind. There are also Stiltz wheelchair elevators available too.

  1. Visitors

 Those installing a home elevator are predominantly doing it for their own needs or those of a member of the household. It comes as an unexpected benefit, therefore, that a home elevator can make hosting some house guests much simpler. Elderly parents or grandparents can enjoy easy access to upstairs when they come to stay, as can those with disabilities. Equally, an elevator makes life easier for visitors with babies and toddlers for whom the stairs can be a hazard.

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